The Accuracy of SYIL X7

Know the Accuracy of Syil x7 CNC Milling Machine. How it works in a programmatic manner and measure the compatibility of the machine.


Benefits of a mineral casting frame

The biggest upgrade of the X7 machine lies in its frame. We decided to upgrade the existing cast iron frame to a mineral casting frame. The mineral...


Tormach vs SYIL

The SYIL X7 is in a class above the Tormach in terms of capability, accuracy, and reliability. Read all about Tormach vs SYIL now in this SYIL blog...


Nike Swoosh Mold Production

SYIL X7 Combo powers the making of metal molds for leading sports footwear brand

SYIL at CIMT 2019

Meet our founder and CEO in Beijing, during the China International Machine Tool Show which is held from April 15 to April 20 2019.

SYIL goes UK

SYIL signs an agreement with a new distributor for the sales of its CNC machines in the United Kingdom.

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