Benefits of a mineral casting frame

The biggest upgrade of the X7 machine lies in its frame. We decided to upgrade the existing cast iron frame to a ...

The biggest upgrade of the X7 machine lies in its frame. We decided to upgrade the existing cast iron frame to a mineral casting frame. The mineral casting frames used in the new SYIL X7 are made by SCHNEEBERGER. This article describes the benefits of this upgrade for you.


SYIL is proud to partner with SCHNEEBERGER for its mineral casting frames. 


Established in 1923, SCHNEEBERGER stands for world-class quality in linear motion technology. Linear guideways and profile rail guideways together with measuring systems, racks, slides, positioning systems, mineral casting and ball screws are all part of their manufacturing capability and product range.

SYIL Machine Tools started to cooperate with SCHNEEBERGER in 2020. The development and making of the mineral casting frame for SYIL X7 is the first visible outcome of the cooperation. 


An introduction to mineral casting frames

Mineral-casting is one of the most efficient, modern construction materials. Manufacturers of precision machines were among the pioneers in the use of mineral casting. Today, its use with regards to CNC milling machines, drill presses, grinders and electric discharge machines is on the rise, and the advantages are not limited to high speed machines.

Mineral casting, also referred to as epoxy granite material, composes of mineral fillers like gravel, quartz sand, glacial meal and binders. The material is mixed according to precise specifications and poured cold into the molds. A solid foundation is the basis for success!

State-of-the-art machine tools must run faster and faster, and provide more precision than ever. However, high travel speeds and heavy-duty machining produce unwanted vibrations of the machine frame. These vibrations will have negative effects on the part surface, and they shorten the tool life. Mineral-casting frames quickly reduce vibrations – about 6 times faster than cast-iron frames and 10 times faster than steel frames.

Machine tools with mineral casting beds, such as milling machines and grinder, are significantly more accurate and achieve a better surface quality. In addition, tool wear is significantly reduced and service life is extended. 

At SYIL, innovation is key to our future success. That is why we opted for mineral casting in our new SYIL X7. 


The benefits of a mineral casting frame summarized

To summarize, SYIL’s composite mineral (epoxy granite) casting frame made by SCHNEEBERGER brings several advantages: :

  • Shaping and strength: The mineral casting process provides an exceptional degree of freedom with respect to the shape of the components. The specific characteristics of the material and of the process result in a comparatively high strength and a significantly lower weight.
  • Integration of infrastructure: The mineral casting process enables the simple integration of the structure and additional components such as guideways, threaded inserts and connections for services, during the actual casting process.
  • The manufacturing of complex machine structures: What would be inconceivable with conventional processes becomes possible with mineral casting: Several component parts can be assembled to form complex structures by means of bonded joints.
  • Economical dimensional accuracy: In many instances the mineral cast components are cast to the final dimensions because practically no contraction takes place during hardening. With this, further expensive finishing processes can be eliminated.
  • Precision: Highly precise reference or supporting surfaces are achieved by further grinding, forming or milling operations. As a result of this, many machine concepts can be implemented elegantly and efficiently.
  • Good thermal stability: Mineral casting reacts very slowly to temperature changes because the thermal conductivity is significantly lower than metallic materials. For this reason short-term temperature changes have significantly less influence on the dimensional accuracy of the machine tool. A better thermal stability of a machine bed means the overall geometry of the machine is better maintained and, as a result, geometrical errors are minimized.
  • No corrosion: Mineral-cast components are resistant against oils, coolants and other aggressive liquids.
  • Greater vibration damping for longer tool service lives: SYIL’s mineral casting achieves up to 10x better values of vibration damping than steel or cast iron. Thanks to these characteristics, an extremely high dynamic stability of the machine structure is obtained. The benefits that this has for machine tool builders and users are clear: better quality of surface finish of the machined or ground components and longer tool life leading to lower tooling costs.
  • Environment: The environmental impact during manufacture is reduced.


Mineral casting frame vs cast iron frame

Previously the SYIL X7 used a cast iron frame. See below the benefits of our new mineral casting vs cast iron frame previously used:


Mineral Casting (Epoxy Granite)

Cast Iron




Heat Performance

Low heat conductivity

and high spec. heat


High heat conductivity and

low spec. heat capacity

Embedded Parts

Unlimited design and

One-piece mold and

seamless connection

Machining necessary

Corrosion Resistance

Extra high




Low energy consumption

High energy consumption



Mineral casting is ideal for our CNC machine frame structures. It offers clear technological, economic and environmental advantages. Mineral casting technology provides excellent vibration damping, high chemical resistance and significant thermal advantages (thermal expansion similar to that of steel). Connection elements, cables, sensor and measurement systems can all be poured into the assembly. In short, the SCHNEEBERGER mineral casting frame used in the new SYIL X7 pushes our machine to the next level. At SYIL we aim to work with SCHNEEBERGER for many years to come. 

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