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The SYIL 5 compact machine is the ideal tool for die casting processing in the automotive parts industry

The SYIL 5 compact machine is the ideal tool for die casting processing in the automotive parts industry


IKD Company Co., Ltd. (IKD) is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automotive aluminum alloy precision casting. The production process covers the whole process of the design and development of die-casting tooling, die casting, trimming, heat treatment, precision machining, surface treatment and assembly. The main products include automotive wiper system, transmission system, steering system, engine system, commercial vehicle braking system.

IKD’s major customers are the global well-known large multinational auto parts suppliers, including Valeo, Bosch, Magna, Knorr-Bremse, Nidec and Borgwarner, Continental, Mahle, Nexteer, Schaeffler, ThyssenKrupp, ZF etc.

It has experienced professional technical team. It has been actively learning and absorbing advanced manufacturing technology and process home and abroad. It has a large number of advanced die casting equipment; high-precision and high-efficiency precision machinery processing equipment; advanced liquid aluminum heating system; high-performance assembly equipment and the leading testing equipment. The number of existing various kinds of main machinery and equipment is up to 883 sets. By the application of these advanced high-performance and high-precision equipment, IKD is able to continuously provide customers with stable-performance and qualified products.


From 2019 SYIL provides machine side deburring equipment for IKD. At the beginning of the project, SYIL and IKD personnel had many technical exchanges and developed many implementation plans according to IKD's lean production requirements, such as the unmanned die-casting island plan, and the die-casting machine side processing deburring plan to reduce the logistics flow of workpieces. This reduces manual manpower, reduces the flow of goods, improves production efficiency, and reduces production costs.

Due to the poor production environment of die-casting workshop, dusty and high temperature, it needs the machine and equipment to be highly adaptable to the production environment. For the current situation of the production environment of die-casting workshop, we have targeted to upgrade the machine so that the machine can be produced stably in the environment of die-casting workshop, taking into account the characteristics of practicality, stability, safety, flexibility and beauty. The machine is reserved for expansion interface, which can be flexibly combined with production according to the current situation of enterprise production.

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