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SYIL 7 series precision machines are the ideal tools for machining in the automotive parts industry

SYIL 7 series precision machines are the ideal tools for machining in the automotive parts industry

Klubert + Schmidt produces in Pottenstein, in the heart of Frankfurt Switzerland. On a production area of 10,000 square meters, more than 300 employees are currently dedicated to the smooth planning, development and manufacture of efficient throttle and exhaust valve systems.

As an owner-operated, traditional company, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the commercial vehicle industry. Large international companies in the automotive industry as well as leading manufacturers of hydraulic systems have been our loyal customers for many years.

Ltd. was formerly known as Jinan Baihui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and was established in 2001 as an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of exhaust system components for heavy-duty vehicle engines.In 2016, Jinan Baihui successfully entered into a joint venture with K+S, a well-known German auto parts manufacturer, and officially established Jinan Baihui Kaihi Auto Parts Co.

Since 2018 according to start SYIL provides process hole machine tools for Baihui Kaixi, in 2019 and Jinan Baihui Kaixi jointly develop automatic welding connecting rod special machine. The first project phase is to release the imported high-end equipment of Baihui Cash, using SYIL X7 COMBO small machining center machine, processing the positioning process hole of throttle valve piece, in the past all use imported equipment for processing, the use of SYIL machine can release the capacity of imported equipment, maximize the effectiveness of the machine.

2019 Baihui Kaixi another product production rise, the German general manager Dr. Schmidt proposed based on machine tool architecture welding automation line concept, to replace the current stage of manual welding production methods, our technical staff after repeated communication, the finalized product program, SYIL to solve the erection of the upper computer and the main mechanism, Baihui Kaixi to solve the parts of the clamping process, welding equipment process tuning, the early After half a year of design and production process, we finally succeeded in commissioning in Jinan Baihui Kaixi. Realization of batch automatic welding connecting rod, special machine solution has been praised by Baihui Kaixi and German company, and there is hope to introduce German factory.


Meanwhile, SYIL 7 precision machine provides basic CNC machining services for customers


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