HAAS Super Mini Mill vs SYIL X7 Siemens

SYIL X7 Siemens is an excellent affordable small CNC machine, and the #1 alternative to the HAAS Super Mini Mill.

SYIL X7 Siemens is an excellent affordable small CNC machine, and the #1 alternative to the HAAS Super Mini Mill.

So you are looking for a top-quality small CNC machine? You’re probably looking at the HAAS Super Mini Mill. No doubt it’s a good machine. But did you know SYIL has a machine configuration that is almost the same as the HAAS Super Mini Mill? Let’s compare our SYIL X7 SIEMENS package to see how we fare.

To help you make the right choice, this article gives an overview of the HAAS vs SYIL with the Siemens 808D ADVANCE control suite comparison. We always use the 808D ADVANCE 16ppu version as it offer the most expandability and functionality.


Price comparison

Let’s first look at the official price tags of HAAS and SYIL as well as their brief machine descriptions.


HAAS Super Mini Mill





Official list price: US$ 43,995

(this includes shipping to most places in the world)


Official list price: US$ 30,969

(this is the FOB China price, local prices may vary due to freight, handling and taxes)

Machine Description

  • 10,000-rpm Spindle        
  • 10-Pocket Carousel Tool Changer
  • Window Air Blast
  • Coolant Pump Kit
  • Work Light
  • Convenience Package
  • Lifting Provision


  • 10,000 rpm BT30 Belt Type with Power Drawbar System
  • Combo type fully protected enclosure | Coolant kits | Working lights
  • Siemens 808D/A Advanced CNC Controller with 3/4 Axis Servo Motors
  • Automatic Tool Changer with 12pcs set BT30 Type
  • Handwheel MPG Cable type


 haas super mini mill


Feature comparison

Next, let’s dive into a detailed feature by feature comparison between the two machines:


HAAS Super Mini Mill




10,000-rpm Spindle, 40 taper, belt drive, 15 hp (11.2 kW) vector drive

10,000 - RPM but comes with a better bearings

Equivalent to Grease Packed HAAS option 30 taper Belt drive 5.5kW (Subject to Duty cycle)

Standard Memory


Standard Program Memory; 1 GB of onboard memory for program storage and backup

Controller dependent Memory Size Not limited as USB Sticks can be used to run programs

Tools and Storage

CONVENIENCE PACKAGE Convenience Package, includes front work table and storage shelf, toolholder vise, side rack, and toolholder tray.

Not offered from factory



Coolant Pump Kit, 1/4 hp (186 W), 40-gallon (151 liter) tank; includes coolant level sensor


450 Watt coolant pump on a 110l tank

Early Power-Failure Detection Module

Early Power-Failure Detection Module; senses a power failure or severe drop in incoming line voltage and quickly brings all axis motion to a safe and controlled stop.

Standard in the Siemens drivers



Ethernet Interface; allows you to easily transfer files to and from the machine over a local wired network.


Siemens controllers have this

Remote Monitoring

HAASConnect: Remote monitoring of your HAAS machine. Requires the machine to be connected to the Internet.

Remote monitoring

Not available on the 808D Advance but it does have remote diagnostics. Upgrade to the 828 with the extra packages if this is critical to your work

Wireless File Transfer

HAASDrop Wireless File Transfer is a fast and convenient method for sending images, videos, and even program files from a mobile device directly to the Next-Generation Control on a HAAS CNC machine. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Not available. A Raspeberry Pi solution could be used as a network drive though

Controller on board help

MEDIA DISPLAY M-CODE; M130 Media Display M-Code; M130 is used within an NC program to call up media files (images, videos, PDF files)
from memory and display them on the control screen as the program runs. NextGen Control only

The 808D can store PDF and open PDF files. You can even slideshows on it.

Rigid Tapping

Rigid Tapping; synchronized tapping, with built-in tap cycles and up to 8X retract speed

Available on all machines as standard

Automatic Tool Changer


10-Station Automatic Tool Changer


Control Touch Screen

Touch Screen interface for the HAAS control; allows screen navigation, data entry, and other control functions onscreen,
without using the keypad.

External keyboard compatible with Siemens controllers

Wifi Connection

WiFi Connection for the HAAS Control; provides wireless connectivity between the HAAS control and a local area

Not available

Window Air Blast

HAAS Window Blast; airgun-activated feature for clearing coolant from the machine’s window during machining.

Air gun as standard as well. Easy for user to implement the window cleaning. 

Work Light

Work Light; provides bright illumination for the work area.

Standard as well

Optional Extras available on SYIL for FREE
that are paid for in HAAS!

Auto Air gun

Automatic Air Gun; provides a constant air blast to clear chips during dry machining.

Air blast hose

Macro controlled on all controllers


High Flow coolant pump

High-Flow Coolant Pump Kit, 3/4 hp (0.6 kW)

Standard pump kit

Standard pump is still more powerful!


Third-Party Rotary Provision, allows you to operate a third-party rotary table on your HAAS mill. NextGen Control only.

No constraint!

As long as the motors and drivers are Siemens, you can add whatever you like!


Spindle Orientation

Spindle Orientation allows the spindle to be positioned to a specific, programmed angle, using the spindle motor and spindle encoder for feedback. This option provides inexpensive and repeatable spindle positioning accurate to 0.5 degree

Spindle Orientation

Standard controller option!


Visual Part Programming System Visual Part Programming System; a proprietary conversational programming system to quickly write G-code for simple milling routines.

Conversational Programming

Available as a basic function on all controllers. Better on Siemens and expandable to ShopMill on 828D


8 Spare M Functions

8 Spare M Functions; provides 8 additional M-code relays for activating other devices.

Controller I/O as standard!

With the amazing documentation and webinars available for all Siemens controllers, you can make as many M functions as you like!



Controller I/O as standard!

We do not lock the number of macros you can make!



Coordinate Rotation and Scaling; allows you to rotate your part program to another location, and increase or decrease (scale) the size of a toolpath or pattern.

On controller as stanard!

Available as standard on Siemens controllers


High-Speed Machining

High-Speed Machining; allows faster feedrates and more complex toolpaths, without hesitation or starving the machine.

High-Speed Machining

Available Siemens Controllers as standard! For more information search CYCLE832



Looking at all key machine specifications, the HAAS Super Mini Mill and the SYIL X7 SIEMENS are almost on the same level of capabilities. In fact, the SYIL X7 SIEMENS comes with a lot more out-of-the box features that you would need to pay extra for when you go for the HAAS.

The price difference between the two a bit depends on where you are located, but on average we dare to say the SYIL comes out around 20% cheaper than the HAAS.

We understand that HAAS is the market leader at the moment, but if you are looking for value, connect with SYIL see how we can assist you!

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