How SYIL CNC Machines Power the Making of Ultrathin HDD Components

Background Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on "everything that spins and moves," ...


Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on "everything that spins and moves," centering around a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors. At present, its products are used in a wide range of fields and devices including information and telecommunications equipment, office equipment, home appliances, automobiles, industrial equipment, and environmental energy.

One of the speciality products Nidec makes are HDD (Hard Disk Drive) components. HDD top covers and base plates are important functions as the structural components due to the reduction of HDD thickness. The base plates come with added value as they are improved by the delivery of modularized HDD motors. Top covers are renown for being ultra-thin, which is realized by Nidec's high-precision die technology. And that is where SYIL played a major role.

We specialise in the production of precision metal components such as aluminum base plates, top covers and brackets for HDD manufacturers. We offer our customers a wide range of services from mould design and fabrication, die-casting, electro-plating, precision machining to metal stamping of precision components.

Base Plates

Nidec Component Technology is one of the largest and most cost-competitive HDD base plate manufacturers in the world, having shipped 62 million units in FY2009. We expect demand for HDDs to continue to grow, boosted by increasing applications of HDDs in consumer electronic products and higher sales of PCs and notebooks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Top Cover

We began our top cover metal stamping business in late 2002 after acquiring an 90% stake in BMS Technology Pte Ltd. Since the acquisition of the business, NidecComponent Technology has shipped more than 38 million top covers in 2009.


Nidec Component Technology Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation, is a leading manufacturer and maker of high precision engineering base plate and top cover for hard disk drive industry. The Company has since grown to become a group of companies spanning four countries in Asia serving the HDD-related business specialising in the production of aluminium base plates, brackets and stamped metal top-covers.

Nidec Brilliant utilises fully automated equipment operated with computer-assisted programmes for our die-casting and precision machining activities. Our centralised mould design and fabrication philosophy reinforces our product quality and manufacturability of all our castings for exact and high standard production. Precision metal stamping and assembly of top covers under the clean room environment are our other key competencies. We also possess turning lathe capabilities in producing aluminium brackets that require very rigorously specific tolerance as these are used to perfectly mount the motor spindles to base plates.

Aluminium Die Casting
Fully automated die cast operation.
Computerized casting parameters control.
Casting capability of 0.030Â" sections.
Tool Room support for moulds and casting operation.
Multiple sites at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Machining Operations
In-house design and fabrication of machining and inspection fixtures.
100% CNC machining & turning operation.
4 weeks lead time for new machine line set up.
Machining capability of 0.0004", Z height tolerance.
Joint Development Program with customers.
Multiple sites at Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Batam.

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Surviving in the hard disk drive (HDD) industry is no easy feat. With the
requirements of the marketplace constantly evolving, there is a continual demand
for HDD products featuring greater storage capacity and higher performance, all
within a shrinking form factor. Hard disk drive manufacturers are kept on their toes
developing solutions that will successfully accommodate these growing needs

With the development trend of hard disk drive (HDD) product ultra-thin, the structural components such as the top cover and the base in this product also play an important role. In order to increase the added value of products, our company provides our customers with the main product of our company in the form of modular products - spindle motors for hard disk drives (HDD). With the company's high-precision mold processing technology, the base used in this product meets the requirements of high precision and ultra-thin.

the just-in-time production method

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SYIL 5 miniaturized machine tooling is the first CNC process after die casting of hard disk bases. At present, we have three production lines at NIDEC Suzhou.
It has been used since 2010 and is one of the important partners of Nippon Electric Suzhou factory.
With the high-precision mold processing technology owned by Nippon Denshi Co., Ltd., a hard disk drive (HDD) top cover conforming to ultra-thinning requirements is produced. SYIL will also give full play to the existing production quality and provide customers with quality services.

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Nidec Component Technology Co.,Ltd. manufactures base plates and top covers as module components for HDD motors, which are the core business of Nidec Corporation.

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