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This week we visited one of our new customers in Indonesia. Their core business is to make metal molds for the sports ...

This week we visited one of our new customers in Indonesia. Their core business is to make metal molds for the sports footwear industry, which happens to be one of the larger industries in Indonesia. Did you know Nike alone operates dozens of different footwear factories throughout Indonesia?


CNC machine tools for the footwear industry

The CNC or Computer Numerical Controlled milling machine is the workhorse in the footwear tooling business. A whole range of production processes in the footwear industry can be performed on plotters, both milling, and cutting. Cutting plotters, both industrial and economical, in the footwear industry, can be suitable for cutting leather. Material for soles, insole and other materials used in the production of footwear. The machines are also equipped with vacuum tables sucking the material and additional tools such as punches or punches, or any markers that can mark assembly points or assembly points.

Milling machines for the footwear industry can be used in companies that deal with the production of tools for the production of soles using the injection method as a tool machine for the production of injection molds. Milling machines are also suitable for making footwear soles, by milling and profiling shapes in the production process.

Almost every modern shoe design project will require some sort of molded component. From hidden heel counters to outsoles, to fancy chrome-plated logos you will need to make some molds. While some shoe factories will have limited molding equipment, very few will have the capability to make the molds. To make molds for your footwear projects you will need the help of a footwear mold making specialist.

Our Indonesian customer is one of those footwear mold making specialist. Their primary clients include famous brands like Nike and Adidas.


Making the Nike swoosh mold

Our customer is a full-service footwear outsole mold design and fabrication factory. The factory has 2D and 3D design capabilities for the outsole, midsole, and injection parts. You provide the lasted upper and 2D design, the team here will make your outsole design to fit.

Our Indonesian customer makes a variety of metal molds from shoe sole, heel counters to the shoe logos. As most shoes come in a wide range of different sizes, and several pairs of molds are needed for every size, you can imagine the number of different molds are required for every single shoe model design.


SYIL X7 Combo for mold making


In the summer of 2019, our customer approached us, telling us they needed a top-notch CNC machine that would enable them to create high-precision midsole molds, outsole molds, metal logo molds and more. Their end-customers are the world's leading footwear brands that set very high standards for each of their suppliers.

After making an analysis of the customer requirement, we advised the customer to opt for our SYIL X7 Combo. This compact and small CNC machine is very suitable for prototyping and mold making.



Within half a year from the original contact between the Indonesian customer and us, the SYIL X7 is now operating at full speed. Every day our customer produces numbers of shoe sole molds, heel counter molds and the mold for the famous Nike swoosh!

During our customer visit, we learned from them that the SYIL X7 enables CNC cutting

  1. at low unit costs 
  2. at high processing quality 
  3. and unprecedented speed.
This was really good to see for us. What we learned during this week for ourselves is there are big opportunities for SYIL in Indonesia. The manufacturing industry is growing. Small factories are investing in advanced CNC machinery to achieve better quality results at lower costs. Whereas most factories used to opt for low-end cheap CNC machinery, they now more and more realize it is better to go for affordable CNC machines that provide them with a good balance between price and quality.

Luckily it was not just hard work this week. We had some time left to enjoy awesome food in Jakarta every evening!

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