SYIL 5 the #1 CNC tool for die casting in locker manufacturing process

Case study: How Shengjiu Group, China's biggest cabinet lock manufacturer, benefits from applying SYIL 5 machines in ...

Case study: How Shengjiu Group, China's biggest cabinet lock manufacturer, benefits from applying SYIL 5 machines in its manufacturing processes.



Established in 1984, Shengjiu is the most prominent cabinet lock manufacturing enterprise in China. It is also a widely recognized manufacturer specialized in cabinet locks, electronic locks, hinge, handles, seal gasket, fans and communication equipment accessories. Shengjiu is headquartered in Ningbo with an office space of 8000 square meters and a plant of 40000 square meters.

Shengjiu has the most complete and powerful testing equipment in the domestic cabinet lock industry, and has the complete fan Testing Center. The company established the most reliable quality assurance system, and also has the most professional R & D technology team commitment to research and development cabinets, locks, fans, electronic locks and communications equipment .Shengjiu is the main drafter of GB/T25293-2010 ‘Mechanical door lock for cabinets of electrotechnical and electronic equipment’, which is high-tech enterprise of Ningbo, and it has gained more than 60 patents for inventions, utility and appearance.


Since 2010, SYIL, as a long-standing equipment supplier, has provided reliable guarantees for the production of high quality products for locksmiths for a long time. The manual deburring operation was directly replaced by high-efficiency machining operations, and the product appearance quality was significantly improved. And save a lot of labor costs.

In the die-casting production process, due to factors such as pressure shock and insufficient clamping force, burrs are inevitable in die-casting parts. In recent years, with the increasing requirements for the quality of die-casting parts, the requirements for burrs have become more stringent, and the methods for deburring have also emerged in an endless stream. The deburring process is more troublesome. The manual is a more commonly used method in the die-casting factory. It uses trowels (boring trowels and pneumatic trowels), sandpaper, abrasive belts, and grinding heads as auxiliary tools.

Disadvantages: Labor costs are expensive, efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove complex cross holes. And the final appearance of the product is not uniform.



Through SYIL 5 small CNC machine tools to directly remove the product burr, at the same time the product appearance for further processing, especially the arc, chamfering and other artificial difficult-to-machine location provides the best alternative method, the appearance of the product surface quality consistency obtained Greatly improved.



The small CNC milling machine SYIL 5 can be applied to various CNC controllers, such as PC BASE MACH3 / 4, SIEMENS SIEMENS 808D / Advance. The miniaturized CNC milling machine series adopts high-precision linear guides, compact structure, can be used as a desktop CNC milling machine or with a belt movement The small machining center of the wheel device is used for the enterprise's numerical control processing applications, teaching and education scenes, and even home personal use.



Aluminum die-casting and deburring production line, the best solution for high-quality products in industrial locker industry

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