SYIL at CIMT 2019

CIMT 2019

CIMT 2019

China International Machine Tool Show - is one of the largest and most influential machine tool shows in the world. This year it is held in Beijing from April 15 to April 20.

CIMT 2019 Beijing

Meet SYIL in Beijing

SYIL participates in various trade shows in China and overseas throughout the year. For example, from May 14 to 16 we welcome you at our sales booth at Eastec in West Springfield, Massachusetts (USA). We decided not to have a booth at CIMT, as we feel the event is too overwhelming. We are a small, humble yet beautiful company. But in such a big trade show, it is hard for us to stand out from the crowd. We could not give our friends the time they deserve to speak with us.

That is why we do things differently. Our founder and CEO, Mr Xushuo is available from April 15 to 20 to meet with you in person in Beijing. Either at the show or at another location in Beijing.


If you are coming to Beijing, we cordially invite you to connect with Mr Xushuo in advance:

  • Whatsapp: +86-186-0584-8880
  • Wechat: +86-186-0584-8880
  • Skype : cnsyil

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